Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) contains many growth and healing factors that have regenerative abilities and stimulate healing.

P-Shot for Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease

The Priapus Shot or P Shot is designed to increase a man’s sexual performance. This all-natural procedure uses one’s own blood, without the need for prescription medications or surgery.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) contains many growth factors and healing properties that stimulate stem cells to regenerate tissue and increase blood flow. The body’s growth factors work to increase blood flow to the penis resulting in a stronger, harder, and larger erection; in addition to the penis having a more youthful appearance.

The Priapus Shot procedure begins with a quick and easy blood draw. Then, using a proprietary technique, the growth factors are extracted from your blood and concentrated into the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

PRP is then injected into areas of the penis that are most important for the sexual response. These areas are numbed with a local anesthetic cream before injection. Most clients describe a feeling of pressure at the injection site with little to no pain.

How does Priapus Shot work?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) contains many growth and healing factors. PRP has regenerative abilities and thus stimulates healing. The resulting benefits include increased growth of new blood vessels and improved circulation within the penis.

Other benefits include stronger erections, increased sensation, pleasure, and enhanced sexual performance. Some men report changes in girth and length of the penis. Many of these benefits are experienced immediately after receiving the injection. The treatment is non-allergenic and free of harmful side effects.

What will the Priapus Shot do for you?

Most men report these benefits following the procedure and post-treatment protocol:

• increased firmness of erection;
• size increase (up to 20% growth);
• more stamina;
• heightened sensation and pleasure;
• enhanced appearance;
• improves or resolves prostate discomfort;
• improves or resolves urinary incontinence.

The Priapus Shot is a breakthrough development in the field of erectile dysfunction treatment. This effective, non-surgical therapy is innovative in that it utilizes the body’s own healing power in order to turn back the clock and reverse age-related sexual dysfunction.

PRP Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease is a condition some men have that has caused their penis to develop fibrous scar tissue, resulting in curved, painful erections. While some curve is normal, painful curves are not.

While symptoms vary from patient to patient, some of the most common symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease include:

  • obvious lumps or hard tissue under the skin;
  • visible bend in the penis;
  • spots on the penis that seem to be indented or narrow;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • penis shortening;
  • penile pain with or without an erection;
  • pump and cylinder.

While for some men Peyronie’s Disease heals on its own, it may persist in other men and can even get worse over time.

Traditional Peyronie’s Treatment Versus the P-Shot

While many facilities opt for a risky and painful procedure that involves cutting away the scar tissue inside the penis, we employ an approach called the P-Shot. This non-surgical approach helps to reduce scar tissue caused by Peyronies disease and promotes the development of new healthy tissue.

How does the P-Shot for PD work?

The Priapus Shot utilizes the power of platelet-enriched blood plasma collected from the patient’s own body. The doctor injects the platelet-rich plasma, which encourages and stimulates the body’s natural healing and restoration process. In total, the procedure usually takes less than half an hour.

The blood is drawn and then activated. Then, using FDA-approved supplies, platelets within your blood are separated and concentrated. The doctor injects the natural serum into the patient’s genital area using a tiny needle and supplemented with a local anesthetic cream so that the procedure is as painless and comfortable as possible. Patients see noticeable results right away, and they continue to improve over the next few weeks.

Benefits last 18 months or longer, and may include:

  • enhanced girth/length of the penis;
  • increased sexual stamina;
  • increased pleasure;
  • increased sensation;
  • increased sexual capabilities/ability to please partner;
  • enhanced firmness of erection;
  • increased blood flow, circulation.

Advantages of Undergoing the P-Shot Procedure

At our clinic, we pride ourselves on ensuring our medical doctors and nurse practitioners are fully trained and qualified to perform this procedure. When performed by licensed physicians and certified practitioners who are thoroughly trained on this procedure, patients can rest assured knowing the safest and best possible results can be achieved.

Using cutting-edge high-volume platelet capacity tubes, we prepare pure Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) with optimal platelet concentrations and cellular content. What does this mean for you as our patient? You receive a much stronger treatment that is designed to produce superior results.

For any additional concerns, feel free to contact our team of qualified experts and ask any questions you prefer.